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EEO/AA and Diversity Basics

Are you unsure of your legal rights in the workplace? Confused about your responsibilities to protect your employees, accommodate disability requests, or put a stop to racial slurs? This Learning Library program will assist participants in understanding the new and improved rules of the workplace. Participants will:

  • Learn the basics of EEO requirements including FLSA requirements for lactation accommodations, etc.

  • Learn the basics of Affirmative Action, especially important for contractors covered by Executive Order 11246 (DOL/OFCCP) and grant recipients covered by Circular 4704.1 (DOT/FTA)

  • Gain an understanding of how a robust Diversity Program integrates the achievements of Affirmative Action, ensuring non-discrimination and provides a dynamic, inclusive workplace.

  • Participants will also walk through situational scenarios to gain a complete understanding of EEO / AA and Diversity basics.



    Recertification Hours: 1.5
    Duration: 1.5 Hours
    Audience: Data, HR, Manager, Sr. Level, Supervisor


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