THOMAS HOUSTON associates, inc.

Outreach and Recruitment

Recruiters have multiple responsibilities and reporting relationship mandates but only one goal: identifying, attracting, and obtaining top-notch talent that can onboard successfully and make a contribution. This Learning Library program will assist in providing a solid foundation for proper outreach and recruitment in today’s multidimensional market.

  • Learn basics of Affirmative Action Outreach and Diversity Recruitment

  • Gain insights into the requirements of requests for accommodation in recruitment and hiring

  • Understand the legal mandates to track all points of departure from the recruitment and hiring process

  • Gain up-to-the-minute news on applicant tracking in the Internet age

  • Participants shall experience situational scenarios to solidify their knowledge base in the area


Recertification Hours: 1.5
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Audience: Data, HR, Manager, Sr. Level, Supervisor