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Who is an Applicant?

Many federal contractors are putting themselves at risk for liability exposure simply because they do not fully understand the OFCCP’s 4-Prong Definition of an “Applicant” for Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity purposes. This program will help resolve that issue as it provides a very detailed explanation of the OFCCP’s Applicant Definition and how to correctly apply it within their organization’s selection process to remain compliant, reduce their risk exposure as well as to create a more efficient selection process. Specific examples of how to apply each of the 4-Prongs of the definition and best practices regarding tracking applicant and non-applicant activity with appropriate final disposition codes are provided and reviewed in detail. Additionally, both traditional and the more proactive, talent acquisition recruitment processes in relation to the “Applicant” definition are discussed. Quizzes are embedded throughout to reinforce the subject material provided. So, if you’ve always felt a bit confused regarding “who is an applicant?”, this session will go a long way to convert you into an “expert” on the topic, with the knowledge needed for the practical application within your organization’s selection process.

Recertification Hours: 1
Duration: 1 Hours
Audience: Data, HR, Manager, Sr. Level, Supervisor