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FTA EEO Circular 4704.1A-Ensuring Compliance in EEO Programs

The DOT’s Urban Mass Transit Agency (UMTA) issued Circular 4704.1 in 1988 requiring the development of an EEO Program for transit authorities meeting both an employee threshold and dollar threshold of direct Federal assistance and capital investments. THOMAS HOUSTON associates, in conjunction with Sotherlund Consulting, produced a webinar on the Circular and how to achieve an effective implementation. The Federal Transit Administration (UMTA’s successor agency) reissued that Circular in 2016 and took effect 10.01.2017. This webinar, “FTA Circular 4704.1A, Ensuring Compliance in EEO Programs,” assists transit authorities receiving Federal assistance and capital investments with complying with the new mandates identified in the revised circular, including new coverage thresholds, and greater EEO requirements to maintain compliance. The webinar contains common mistakes found in EEO Programs by the FTA and best practices in the industry.

Recertification Hours: 1
Duration: 1 Hours
Audience: Data, HR, Manager, Sr. Level, Supervisor

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